I’m sitting on Judah’s bed as he is watching Toy Story 2. It’s not glamorous, I know, especially after a day like today where we had our first of 3 monthly preview services to lead up to our grand opening on March 31.

A lot of planning, work, inviting, preparing, and a lot more praying when into today’s service.

We had 81 people show up to our first service. Four people indicated they took their Next Step by putting their trust in Jesus. Others will be taking their Next Step to attend Get Connected next Sunday.

Our team was excellent. Some were running new computer programs. Others were in roles outside their comfort zone. Some were just thrilled to be a part. Like Adam Salley… Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm with us today Adam!

Our goal was simple. Make it all about Jesus. And we did. Were we flawless? No, that wasn’t our goal. Were we effective. I believe so. We are excited to see people in Port Elizabeth discover their mission of loving Jesus, becoming like Jesus and sharing Jesus.

Now to quote the movie my son is watching… to infinity and beyond. I don’t know what that has to do with anything… it just sounds cool. Thanks Buzz!

Thank you to everyone who has been investing your time praying for today. The journey is just starting and we need you to keep praying.



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