Less than 10 days until our 1st Monthly Service!

Here are the top 10 ways to get ready for next Sunday:
10) Today, pick out the clothes you want to wear on Sunday 27 Jan.

NOTE: You don’t have to dress up for us. Just wear what you wear when hanging out with friends… cause that’s what we are … insert soundtrack that says “ahhhhh”

9) Set the alarm on your phone to go off at 8am on Sunday 27 Jan

8) Look at the map at http://westsidefamily.co.za and memorize the directions.

7) Make sure you have enough deodorant to last you until next Sunday

6) Tell your roommate, spouse, or neighbor that you are coming.

5) Tell your roommate, spouse, or neighbor that they are coming with you.

4) Phone your best friend and tell them to “like us” on facebook and then invite them to come to the service with you.

3) I’ll let you be creative and you can insert something here.


2) Visit http://westsidefamily.co.za and browse the website while you eat an apple.

1) Get yourself to Hume Park in Humerail, PE on 27 January at 10am and enjoy the experience!

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