I shared the privilege with Steve and Siba, the two South Africans I’ll be planting a church with, to minister to the Lansing Correctional maximum and minimum weekend church service.

Steve led worship and I accompanied him on keys. Siba was able to teach the last installment of the series Just Like Jesus.

This was a great experience for us to sharpen our skills and minister to some great men who are examples to God’s grace.

To serve these who society shuts off once the door is shut behind them is a humbling experience.

They are very accepting of anyone who comes in and they let you know how grateful they were with the many hugs they give coming and going.

As I reflect about our time I’m reminded:
We can’t earn God’s grace. (Ephesians 2:8-9)

We are all one stupid decision away from wrecking our own lives. (Got this from John Maxwell at Catalyst)

When we visit those in prison, we are loving Jesus (Matthew 25:36, 46)

It is inspiring to see God’s grace at work in these lives. The Brother’s in Blue Re-entry program along with Pastor John Ocker are leading this initiative and there is definitely an impact Jesus is having through Westside’s part.

2 thoughts on “Loving and Learning From Those at Lansing

  1. So glad you three went! The men on the inside will remember you for a long time. You have blessed many.

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