I’ve never held a garage sale. But after the last two days I have seen the benefits of garage sales.

  • Meet lots of people.
    You can’t help but meet a lot of people in a garage sale.
  • Meet lots of interesting people.
    Garage sales pull out a plethora of people. If you love watching people, you will love garage sales.
  • Get rid of lots of stuff.
    The stuff you don’t want in your house, or in our case – that you don’t want to take to South Africa- you can get rid of and let someone put it in their garage sale next year.
  • Make a little bit of money for the lots of stuff.
  • Bless someone who is in need.
    There a couple of friends who have recently had babies that we were able to pass some of the things we’ve acquired along.
  • One church passed out flyers saying they would collect any donations for a church sale to benefit their youth group. Genius move. Which I think we will take them up on.

As we were having the garage sale today, the reality of moving to South Africa has settled in a little more.

It was also exciting to share the vision of the church plant with people as they stopped by.

And Judah was in denial about parting with some of his toys.



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