Hiring, Firing, and Board Meltdowns

Session 2 Panel With Bill Hybels, Patric Lencioni, Carly Fiorina, Henry Cloud, and David Ireland


  • Use a process
  • Take time to find out as much as you can about the person
  • Determine if the person fits the culture of the organization
  • We idealize people when we are desperate to fill a spot
  • First impressions are frequently wrong
  • Spend time with them in different environments to see how they respond to them
  • Ask them, “What do others say about you?” your boss, team, spouse, ect?
  • Ask the same question several times throughout the interview to see how they answer each time
  • Talk Less Listen More: The more you ask questions and listen, the more you will learn about that person. Ask questions based on their answers

What you can’t miss in hiring

  • Create a strong Culture (“This is what life is like here.” “If you aren’t like this and this, you will hate it”)
  • List in advance: ::Needs of the organization ::Job description ::Competencies Desired (personal and professional)
  • Take the time to have a strong conversation: Why we are hiring. What is expected. What are the results?
  • Define the hiring process

Board Meetings and Meltdowns

  • Building trust is hard when you only see each other once a month. Solution could be a retreat to get to know each other or serving opportunities
  • Retreats are good for clarifying values and building trust. Vulnerability is crucial on a team so you can focus on issues at hand rather than if you trust a person.
  • Board Members should be chosen for their: 1) Influence 2) Affluence 3) Skill
  • The skill of a board member should contribute to the goals. Ask: Can they move us forward?
  • Term limits are needed. Brings fresh vision and diversity. Allows regeneration and new leadership to rise.
  • Manageable board size is around 8 persons
  • It’s a good idea to evaluate the meeting during the last 10 min. to see how effective you were
  • Do not invite non-board members to the meeting without the permission of the board.

How to Fire

  • People have seasons at organizations
  • It’s not compassionate to not be honest. It is disrespectful to not be honest
  • Candor with Care
  • Firing someone should not be a surprise. Give them the opportunity to improve with feedback. Let them know what’s working. What’s not working.
  • Give them a process to improve on what isn’t working

Three Steps to Firing

  1. Retrain the Person. Maybe they are under performing because you haven’t adequately trained them.
  2. Reposition the Person.
  3. Retire the Person
  • The Kindest form of management is the truth – not avoidance. (Jack Welsh)
  • Give certainty and clarity to people
  • Grading systems work only with tough conversations
  • Systems don’t substitute for conversations

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