Here are some highlights from the 1st Session of the Leadership Summit with Bill Hybels:

Leading in a New Way

Rogue Waves

  • Rogue Waves provide opportunities for success
  • Rogue Waves draw something out of us that calm sees never will
  • Leaders, lead strong through crisis.
  • In a crisis, “Cash is King.” (people are hungry to hear about money management)

Money in a Crisis

  • You must manage your money well.
  • When reducing staff: 1) Give months of notice 2) Be clear on the cause 3) Be generous
  • Hold the powerful accountable and advocate for the powerless
  • Church Budget: 50% staff, 10% Give away, 10% buffer money for booming ministries, 15% Ministry budget, 15% Facilities, utilities, & debt

Pace to a new Reality

  • Is the pace that I am doing the work of God destroying God’s work in me?
  • What am I planning to neglect?
  • What am I planning to replenish me?
  • Romans 8:6 (life full of life & peace)
  • When you listen to God gently, you hearĀ  him fore frequently

Leading Services

  • Improve the quality of the weekend service by extending the beginning (pre-service prepares for the service) and blurring the ending (opportunities of continued ministry).
  • The actual service then is “All Killer No Filler”

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