Manage Differently Now

with Gary Hamel

This session blew me away. Hamel is a thought provoking communicator that delivers nuggets of gold at a machine gun pace. They were coming too fast to capture. While writing one down you would miss what he was saying. This session alone would be worth the purchase of the Leadership Summit DVD’s.

Since my mind was boggled by the things he was saying. I have posted several links to others who were taking notes on this session in hopes that all of them together would give a small representation of what was presented.

  • Are you changing as quickly as the world around you?
  • Are you in the vanguard or the old guard
  • Only 3% of churches are considered healthy based on a 20 to 1 conversion rate
  • 90% of people believe in a spiritual being
  • 9% of culture says they are non-religious or not spiritual
  • Is the Gospel failing us – or are our methods failing?
  • Unprecedented events lead to unprecedented opportunities which need unprecedented strategies. Are we prisoners of precedence?
  • Leadership is not about vision and management as much as it is about Mobilizing, Connecting, & Supporting others.
  • Our problem is inertia ; we just happen to be alive when the pace of change when hyper critical
  • Success is a self-correcting phenomenon
  • Making strategy is like making a baby, it happens in private & then all the sudden shows up. It should be more like a family affair
  • Organizations lose their relevance when internal change lags behind external change.
  • The longer you’re down in the trenches, the easier it is to mistake the edge for the horizon
  • Organizations go sideways when the mental models of the leadership team depreciate faster than their power
  • Every organization is successful until it is not (I laughed at that one)

Keys to Success

1) Overcome Temptation to Take Refuge in Denial.

  • Face the facts.
  • Listen to the Renegades
  • Denial Pattern: 1) Dismissal 2) Rationalization 3) Mitigation 4) Confrontation

2) Generate More Strategic Options

  • We clutch at the familiar because we can’t see the alternatives
  • Beware of the bird in hand that is losing feathers and dying in your hand
  • Innovation follows the power law
  • The future has already happened. It’s just unevenly distributed

3) Deconstruct What You Currently Do

  • What hasn’t changed in 3-5 years?
  • Compare to other churches and see what’s identical
  • Be the enemy of entropy.
  • We’re not going to get better at changing lives until we get better at changing our churches.
  • The early church spiritually powerful and institutionally weak

4) It’s Imperative to Out Run Change

  • Change comes from the bottom up

Other Links with Notes from this Session

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