Friday. A day when sin seemed to have won.

Saturday. A day where people had a choice:

  1. Go with what everyone has seen and lose all hope that He wasn’t who He said He was.
  2. Remember the prophecy and believe that He was the Promised One and wait for its fulfillment.

So the disciples waited. Most all chose to believe what they saw. The cross, the blood, the thorns, the sword, the grave, the stone, the soldiers and the morning after they heard the silence. 

When you lose a loved one, you wake up the next morning in a daze filled with emotions of loss, hurt, pain and fear. Hope is hard to find in death.

Saturday. Loss. Hurt. Pain. Fear. Where was Hope? Where was the promise? Where were the people remembering the words He said when He talked about rebuilding the temple in three days?

Saturday. Loss. Hurt. Pain. Fear. 


Saturday. The day before…

The day before… Soldiers down, stone rolled, folded clothes, angels behold, people gather, hope grows and the Promise unfolds… Sunday.

Tomorrow is Sunday. The day we celebrate our Hope in a Savior that Loves us so much that He paid the penalty for our sin so we don’t have to.

Tomorrow we celebrate a day. Every day we celebrate a Risen King!

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