Last weekend was full of all sorts of unique variables from snow, ice, mics falling off, mics shorting out, lights going off and words being stumbled over. But most importantly people becoming free of unforgiveness

Pastor Troy, our Worship Pastor, wrapped up the series entitled “Deal With It” with a message on hurt. He unpacked what it means to forgive people and that “forgiveness by faith brings freedom.”

The worship teams on Sat & Sun did a great job this weekend. I had the privilege of leading this all weekend and it was great. 

We taught the new Kristian Stanfill song: Alive And Running. I think that this song will be a win with our congregation and a great song through the Easter season.

Now for the crazy things that happened over the weekend:

  1. We had a forecast for 4-8″ of snow for Sat. and only received about .25″ in accumulation at the Lenexa campus. Forecast + Snow = LOW ATTENDANCE. We only had 15o peeps in the first service and a bare 60 folks in the second. It was tough to lead worship to this crowd, and Troy’s jokes were like falling like bombs… you could hear crickets. The people were an awkward state.
  2. Sunday, the congregation was more alive. However we had several weird things happen. Troy’s headset mic completely fell off one service and he did what every communicator should do in that state: pick up and keep right on going, not acknowledging what happened and not skipping a beat.
  3. Later during the message, the computer that controls the lights decided to reboot leaving the entire sanctuary in pitch black. Troy then began to sing a bugs bunny song and, no lie, at the end of the song the lights came back on as if it was cued to do that.
  4. At another service, Troy’s headset mic started to short out. Jared, our tech director, seamlessly got him a new headset and pack.
  5. I got tongue tied over “checks” and “check cards” during the announcements.

Needless to say, the weekend was full of humorous moments, but most importantly they didn’t distract from the message on forgiveness that Troy gave. Click here to watch the last message on Hurt.

Here’s a video recap of the weekend:

3/29/09 Weekend Review from Jared Wells on Vimeo.

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  1. Oh my goodness! I think I would have paid money to be in the one where Troy started singing Bugs Bunny with the lights out!!! ROFLOL!!!

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