8 services later and I’m wiped. Today I went into the office for a couple of hours and used the rest of the day to veg out. (I even read a book)

I did get an emotional boost around 11a when my wife instant messaged me telling me to check my inbox. She forwarded me an email she received from a neighbor I had invited on Sat.

This email was describing this couples experience and feelings from their visit. She explained how they haven’t been to church in a long time and how they decided at the last second to come. My favorite thing was that the message fresh and relevant to her everyday life.

That put it in perspective. Many hours of rehearsal. Eight services. Lots of prayer. For people like my neighbor. And the thing that impacted her the most was the message.

We need to remember that the glitz and glamour cannot distract from the Gospel.

Not that there isn’t a place for the lights and cameras. We just need to remember that they are to enhance the message and not inhbit it.

This weekend we focused on being our best. Westside’s best is making an atmosphere where people can connect with God and that’s what we did. We’re at our best when we worship.

The set list was:
The Same Power ( we opened we a fugue that Jason, our music director wrote. I will post that later so you can see this cool and creative opening. )
Song of Hope
Alive and Running
Let Me Sing
Transition: I Will Follow (live bumper)
Message pt1
Jesus Paid it All
Message pt2
Happy Day

Al of our volunteers knocked it out of the park this weekend. The vocal team sang for all eight services and the production team made it all come together.

Thanks to all for your prayers and efforts this weekend so God could change lives.

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