In a recent Barna poll where over 1,800 self proclaimed Christians were polled, 40% strongly believe that Satan is not a real being, but rather a symbol of evil. In addition to that 40% another 19% of those polled somewhat agreed with that statement.

But it gets better. Well, maybe that’s not the best of words. It becomes worse. In the same survey, when asked if Jesus sinned while he walked the earth, 22% strongly agreed that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, sinned. Only 46%, less than half, of professing Christians believe that Jesus Christ lived a sinless life.

Only 38% of Christians polled believe that the Holy Spirit is a real being and not a symbol of God’s power.

When asked about the inerrancy of the Bible, a mind-blowing 55% strongly agreed that the Bible is accurate in all it’s principles.

These numbers are shocking to me. I do take into mind that less than 2,000 people were polled. However, these numbers should be a major RED FLAG to church leaders and Christians who have the desire for people to know Jesus Christ and walk in His full life.

Maybe its time the church focuses less on doing whatever we can to get as many people as we can in the doors of our facilities so we can have the “largest” and most hip church in town. And put our attentions on simply knowing Jesus and making Him known.  

It might be time for the American Church to re-align it’s values.

Click here to read the Barna article.

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