Church, Pray

Never Done This…

There have been a lot of firsts for me in South Africa…

First time to see a lion without a fence between us.
First time in the Pacific Ocean.
First time to eat Kudu.
First time to eat Billtong.
First time planting a church.
First time being a foreign missionary.
First time hearing the word “now” not mean “now.”

Today was a cool new first.

First time baptizing people in the ocean. I was so proud of the 11 people today who took their next step in following Jesus. I can’t explain the joy I felt as each person exemplified their trust in Jesus by stepping into these waters.

Today was a landmark day for WFCSA. Here are a couple images from the day.

20130224_0137 20130224_0133 20130224_0124 20130224_0112 20130224_0102 20130224_0093 20130224_0086 20130224_0081 20130224_0075 20130224_0053 20130224_0038 20130224_0026 20130224_0021 20130224_0012