We attended our first Cricket game today. A totally different sport than what we are used to with the American pastime.

My only knowledge of the game has been through watching cricket while working out, as it is about the only thing, besides Rugby, that is on the TV’s there, or the “pool cricket” I played 1 year ago at Stephen’s home in Joburg.

I was grateful for Stephen and our neighbor, Mark, coming with us and teaching us the different rules and nuances to the game.

It was helpful to learn about the Power Play, the 20over format, and knowing that the player behind the batter is not the “catcher” but a ” wicket keeper.”

Learned that the scoring line is called the “crease” to which I immediately added, “oh yeah… Cause the field is folded.” I had to apologize for my immediate reaction of dry humor. But it comes so naturally!

I was excited to share this experience with my family and Judah actually appeared to enjoy himself and said he would come and watch another game with me.

We left at the half. By the way, in a 20 over game, the batting team is up for the entire 20 overs. Then they have a halftime and the opposing team gets to bat for their 20 overs. It was odd not to watch them change offense to defense more often.

Definitely, will go again.



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