We’re Moved… just have no home

We are now official residents of Linda and Jon Willard (Cassie’s Parents). We finished loading the PackRat yesterday. Check out this pic.Needless to say, it is full. I wore out our new beast of a dog “Lewis.” Oh yeah, since we lost Lucy a couple of weeks ago, God decided we needed another one, cause a coworker of Cassie’s asked if she would want a dog. We’re suckers. Today we took out the last of the boxes… like 2, and fixed a couple of things. The new owner signs on Monday and takes over. We then went to the pool and are going to get pizza and a movie tonight. It’s nice not to have to pack. But it will be even nicer when we’re unpacking in a home of our own.

Hopefully we’ll hear back on the offer we placed 2 weeks ago on the house in Shawnee.