It was an honor to lead worship today. We are in the tail end of a series entitled the Fantastic 5 and today was on Worship. Troy, our worship Pastor is returning from a missions trip to India today, and I had the privilege of leading the morning services.

Not only was it the “Worship” day, but today we voted in Pastor Dan Sutherland as our new Lead Teaching Pastor with a remarkable 96% yes vote.

The first service was the most shaky. I had trouble staying on pitch for a couple of songs and I was fighting the tiredness of the week of moving. But when the second service came around, Jared (our Tech Director) worked his magic on my mix and got my ears to where I could hear myself.

We flipped the whole service around. We opened up with just the chorus of “Made to Worship.” We trash canned the second half of the chorus and took it straight into “All Because of Jesus.”

After the welcome, we played the bumper video and Dan S. took the mic to bring the message. He eloquently took the message of worship into communion and as the ushers passed out the elements we sang “Revelation Song.”

After that Dan led the congregation in communion and Jason Mills (our Music Director) started this cool track that could be the next score for the Braveheart sequel. That track led into “Everlasting God.” Then we ended with the Todd Fields song, “Let Me Sing.”

Then we went into the business meeting and we ratified Dan Sutherland as the new Lead teaching pastor.

For anyone that does a vote on a large scale for a church of thousands here are a couple of ways to administrate a large vote, we did the 1st one listed:

  1. Call a business meeting after each service (we have 4: 8:30, 10:00, 11:30 & 5p.) Ask only voting members to fill a ballot and have ushers collect them.
  2. Mail out ballots to members and have them place them in the offering boxes. For those who forgot theirs, they can pick one up at the info desk where a list of members will be kept to verify membership. More secure approach. (this would depend on your bylaws)

Well this closes another Sunday at Westside!

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