It is our human nature to resist God. Even when He is so good to us. We drift toward our selfishness. That is the only reason we allow something other than God to be at the number one spot in our lives.

We don’t trust Jesus is the best we can have because He requires us to be selfless.

So we allow people or passions to be the number one priority because it makes us feel better or feel more confident or feel more comfortable.

When God is our number one priority, Jesus will be our authority and we will be more selfless and more like Jesus.

“Joshua said, “You have heard yourselves say that you will worship and obey the Lord. Isn’t that true?” “Yes, it’s true,” they answered. Joshua said, “But you still have some idols, like those the other nations worship. Get rid of your idols! You must decide once and for all that you really want to obey the Lord God of Israel.” The people said, “The Lord is our God, and we will worship and obey only him.” Joshua helped Israel make an agreement with the Lord that day at Shechem. Joshua made laws for Israel and wrote them down in The Book of the Law of God. Then he set up a large stone under the oak tree at the place of worship in Shechem and told the people, “Look at this stone. It has heard everything that the Lord has said to us. Our God can call this stone as a witness if we ever reject him.””

Joshua 24:22-27 CEV

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