Our systems will determine how broad our reach will be and how deep our roots will go.

I love what Nelson Searcy coined an acronym describing what a system does for you. A system:
Energy &

I was talking with Steve Colin, who is starting the church here in Port Elizabeth with me, and we were discussing the importance of a system. In this conversation, I mentioned 3 things a system does for you:

  1. A System Maximizes the employee’s/volunteer’s time and strength.
  2. A System Minimizes the effort.
  3. A System Multiplies the effect.

Today, our team discussed the questions below. I haven’t found them in a book yet. If you know the book I can find the answers in, then comment and let me know. Seriously!… I’ve been thinking about them for the last week.

We want to maximize our volunteer’s time and strengths. Minimize their effort. And we definitely want to multiply our effectiveness.

Questions we’re answering:

What systems do we currently have as a church?
What systems do we need to immediately implement?
Which systems will limit our growth?


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