The new Gungor album, Ghosts Upon the Earth, is now on my Rhapsody playlist.

This band reinvents themselves with every album. I love their tenacious discipline to push against the status quo in Christian music, or music in general.

I love the creativity woven into the album’s lyric, melody, and music. The instrumentation marries the ancient and modern, using strings, a boys choir and the modern instruments of the day.

Here is the Album bio from Rhapsody:

Less of an album and more of a musical experience, Ghosts Upon the Earth draws on metaphor and allegory, pairing those literary devices with some unexpected instrumentation. A string ensemble and a boys’ choir help flesh out this sonic journey that takes listeners from creation to modern day. The album started with Michael Gungor’s weeklong meditation in Assisi, where he was inspired by the saints’ view of the world. Michael also produced and did the bulk of the writing, along with his wife Lisa. Bonus points if you connected the album title to C.S. Lewis’ The Great Divorce.

You can preview it at

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