Distinctions between a coach and a critic.

1// Coaches care about you. Critics care for themselves or their own agenda.

A coach’s desire is for you to do you best and to maximize the skillset you have. Critics don’t care for you. They care for their own platform and prestige. They feel they make themselves superior when they criticize you.

2// Coaches come from those close to you. Critics come from the crowd.

Coaches always come from the circle of people closest to you. They live with you, work with you, have fun with you and they are the ones who even are put on the line when you are on the line. Coaches are in the game with you. They see the reasons you make the decisions, call the audible or the time out. They are in the situation with you.

Critics, most of the time, are in the cheap-seats. Their perspective is skewed because of the distance between themselves and the playing field. They don’t see the size of the problem or hear the conversation from the defense. Critics say “someone said” as they never were there in the situation to see it unfold.

3// Coaches criticize by creating.  Critics criticize by deflating.

Coaches will criticize but they create a new play or give a new approach as to handle the situation or problem. They do the extra work of providing a solution for you to consider when in the situation again.

Critics criticize and all it is air leaving the lungs. Nothing productive or constructive. Their purpose is destructive as the only thing they want to build is their own image.

The world is full of critics – be a coach.

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