All dreams and goals get resistance. The bigger the dream the greater the resistance.

From Joseph, in the Bible, to Thomas Edison – both of them pushed against resistance to their dreams.

Joseph – despite his brothers and parents making fun of his dream, still held to it and saw it unfold.

Thomas Edison – persisted through 1,000’s of failed experiments. Every failed attempt was just fuel for him to push forward and create the light bulb.

If you have a dream, when you feel the urge to resist – it’s time to persist.

There will always be people there to discourage you. Negative Nancy’s always camp out on the porch of dreamers.

Things will always not go as planned. People won’t see what you see. Doors will close.  It is only those who ignore the resistance and pursue their picture of what could be who see it turn into what will be.

To turn a could be into a would be means:

  • Seeing the need.
  • Picturing what could be
  • Identifying the resources that are available.
  • Push through the resistance in pursuit of what will be.
You are either a resistor or a persister. Your dream. Your choice.
What dreams of yours are facing resistance? What resources are available for you to move forward?
What dreams in others are you resisting? Are you playing devils advocate? (Which is more accurate without the “advocate” – just saying 😉

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