Today is Fat Tuesday. I loved what my buddy Sam said in his tweet this morning…

What about “Skinny Tuesday”, Mardi Gras is slightly offensive to the lighter people.
– @samueladkins

Even though this day is secular, it is a part of a tradition that is in the season we celebrate Easter. Easter is the one holiday that is underexposed for it’s true meaning, the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

His resurrection from the grave is the proof He is the Son of God. No other self-proclaimed prophet or savior has ever died and come back to life and stayed alive. Jesus not only came back to life, but there is proof that He did and that He walked with the early church for several days before  being taken to heaven. People in the early church witnessed this and gave their lives in exchange for denying that Jesus was alive. Proof again that He rose from the grave.

That makes the resurrection the single most important day of the Christ-follower’s faith. If He wouldn’t have come back to life, we wouldn’t have eternal life.

One of my favorite painters is Ron DiCIanni. Probably because he painted a mural that looks like my dad.

He recently was commissioned to paint the resurrection, and his mural is a new breath to the resurrection of Jesus. I wish I had the $$’s to buy it for myself. I love how Jesus’ gaze is on heaven and He’s gripping the side of the tomb as He steps out.

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  1. always forget about Fat Tuesday… love what season this starts, including tomorrow being Ash Wednesday.

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