I have a box in my basement that is full of trophies and plaques I accumulated through my teenage years. Most are sport related and a few are for things like passing a course. I’ve kept them in the box for years.

You might not be like me. You might be one who has a trophy case where you display your trophies so when you walk by and see them you instantly recall the game winning Gand Slam (I actually have several of these moment – but I don’t think they are as exciting in slowpitch softball) or for the degree you earned at college.

In life, these trophies and plaques can instantly make you recall the events pertaining to that piece of cheap plastic.

In Genesis 28 Jacob has a dream where he sees a vision. At the end of his dream he takes the stone he used as a pillow and stands it upright.

He took the stone he had used for his pillow and stood it up as a memorial pillar and poured oil over it.

He stood it up as a memorial pillar so he would remember this as the place where God dwells. (I wonder if this is where we get the term “milestone?”)

Every time Jacob or his ancestors would pass this stone, it would serve as a reminder of this event.

Throughout scripture there are many accounts of God’s people setting up memorials to be a reminder of what God did for them. When they left Egypt they used the Passover to remind them of the miracles God did to get them out. When the crossed the Jordan river, they set 12 stones up in the middle of the river so people would see them years later and remember God’s provision.

In your life, how do you remember God’s provision when you needed it most. What do you use to recall him healing you or financially providing when you didn’t know what to do?

Some might journal, others may use a picture while some may post it on FACEBOOK and twitter.

Whatever the method may be, we need to remember to set up memorials in our lives for when God does something as simple as helping you pass a test or as big as helping you land a job.

As we see these trophies in life and recall God’s work in them our faith will become stronger and you’ll be able to believe that He will work it out again.

If you have any methods of remembering God working in your life, I’d love to have you share them by commenting on this post.

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