Tonight, I was on Drums and I had an interesting moment as we were playing Better Than Life, I focussed on the rim of the snare – as I often find an object to focus on. A reflection on the rim of the snare caught my eye. It was an amber red light catching the metal rim of the snare and it was blinking in perfect tempo with the song.

I then began searching for the blinking light around me to see what is the source because we were using a track from Reason on the mac and not the metronome, so I knew that it wasn’t the source of this light.

After looking above me, behind me, to the left and right – all while playing Better Than Life – I realize that it is my stick that is creating the blinking light with each passing hit on the ride cymbal.

I then crack a big smile and finish the song.

O the things that humor me.

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