This is not the final look, but pretty close to itNew Series Starts This Weekend

I’m excited about this week. Today we’ll be setting up the stage with the new set for “Get Wired,” our new series on prayer.

Text Messaging

We will be utilizing the use of Text messaging to remind our people to pray. Our goal, which text will help out with, is to “Double the amount of people praying and double the amount of prayer.”

We have a man in our church who’s company will be donating the text messages for this series. So I have to give BIG PROPS to for launching us into this.

His company is and the text messaging program we are using is moblico’s

How We Are Using Text

We will be using Text in this series to:

  • Send out daily prayer reminders
  • Request that people to pray for specific things
  • Special Announcements
  • Maybe: receive prayer requests and praise
  • Maybe: Text praise during worship set

Ideas we can use text for as we move past this series:

  • Special Announcement
  • Inclement Weather Announcements
  • Road Closures
  • Crisis communication


In your church/business – How are you using text messaging?
What are other ways churches can utilize text messaging?

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