Happy Mothers Day!

Some weekends you can have planned and executed perfectly to where everything happened just as you saw it before hand.

Well this weekend was not that. We had a lot of variables this weekend and the services morphed each time until we ended up with a winning combination at the 10a. Service.

On Saturday, I received words to a song that a guest was going to sing. Normally this would be an easy fix. Copy and paste the song in and presto I’m done. However this song was in the native language of India. Another thing is that they wanted to display the English version with the original language. The only problem was I didn’t know how the phrasing went and we had a run through in less than 10 min and the young man that was to sing it just arrived and we needed to get a level check on his keys and vocal, leaving only the time after run through to fix his lyrics.

So with lyrics to a new song and a video that is wanted to be played but is not yet downloaded from the Internet and the two pastors who are to be speaking haven’t shown up yet and we are now half way into the run through.

Despite a few last minute set backs the Sat night services went well and our teams did great with the changes that were thrown at them before and in the middle of the services.

Today we removed a song and switched a couple ofthings around and ended up with a good combination. One benefit of having 6 services is that you can teak it until it’s right.

Here are a couple of pics from today.our goal is to create an atmosphere where people can connect with God. I think the first picture below says it all.

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