If you haven’t listened to Andy Standley’s 2 part series on God and Country, you are missing out on a great message for America at this time.

God & Country Series (Scroll through the cover flow on the linked website to “God and Country”)

Especially with the state that our nation is in even today as President Obama has “toned down” the White’s House observance of prayer during the National Day of Prayer by removing the public ceremony that the White House has historically done. (see CNN story here)

The idea is things surface naturally that intersect with scripture, and Andy tackles this debate that God should or shouldn’t be a part of our National Conversation. He unpacks what it means to have National Conscience, just as each family develops as conscience as to what is acceptable and what isn’t.

It is definitely worth a listen and we do need to make God a part of our National Conscience again and I believe it does start with the local church, after all, in my opinion – the local church is the hope of the world.


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