Cassie and I are in Sandwich, IL visiting our great friends: Wes, Danette, Maddie and Lexi. It’s great seeing them and hearing about the great things that are happening in their church and community.

With heavy downpours in Chicago, we went to a couple of the suburbs and had a great time seeing the area, visiting IKEA and eating some Portillo’s Hotdogs (this is the equivalent to Atlanta’s Varsity).

We ended up at the Bell’s home and watched KU clinch the Big 12 Title (Yahoo!!!!) We ate some Chicago style pizza and Maddie and Lexi showed us some karate they’ve been learning.

I set Harvest Chapel up on Planing Center Online. I think this will be a great time saver for Wes, Joe and their gang. 

Tomorrow, I’ll be leading worship for them. I can’t wait. I’m a little worried about remembering the words to the Charlie Hall tune Hookers & Robbers. I might actually have to use a chart for that. 

Well I’m out. Got to get some rest. What kind of friend invites you to lead worship on Daylight savings day?! Just kidding Wes.

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