This post is going to be quick. The KU/OU game is minutes away!

We had a good weekend. Saturday night, I got to lead and try out my new keyboard set-up. I purchased the M-Audio Keystation pro and was using it with Reason Adapted (thanks to Jason Mills).  

During the second song, In the Splendor, I had a dotted eighth delay on the keys and went to switch to a pad and froze up Reason. Not wanting to give the band the thought that my keys were working, even though I was suppose to carry a lot of the next song, I stepped away so they would know that I wouldn’t be playing.

The rest of the set felt off to me, but after watching the video this morning, it wasn’t  as bad as I thought. After the the keyboard fit, it was hard for me to focus. I had a lot of things going through my mind:

“I could go to the Korg. But that wouldn’t look good, plus I’d have to move my mic stand.” 
“I could ask everyone to excuse me as I go to the keyboard riser.”
“Maybe I could restart Reason.”
“I hope that Jordon can cover the intro and bridge on ‘Breathe on Me.'”… and they kept going. I couldn’t stop. I wanted to just focus on worship, but I was worried of what could happen. 

The next service, the keyboard worked fine because I didn’t switch sounds. That service was much stronger. The band did great and were solid.

The Saturday band was:

Alex Gingles: Electric
Jordan Duckworth: Electric
James Wooten: Drums
Tom Casey: Bass
Keys: Me 

Troy led on Sunday. I attended the 10 service and the worship was great. The Sunday band was:

Jason Mills: Electric
Troy Kennedy: Electric
Paul Infanti: Bass
Matt Anzalone: Acoustic
Lori Klahn: Keys
Caleb Baker: Drums

We also had a hilarious sketch to start off the message. Robert Hingula, our OP Worship Pastor, wrote a script off the SNL family dinner “I drive a Dodge Stratus” sketch with Will Farrell. If I can get the video of it, I’ll post it. It was funny. If you would like the script, then email me. 

Here are some pics from the weekend.

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