This morning came too quickly. After a late night getting ready for our trip today and of ringing in the new year, we intended on waking at 5:15a (I know. Stupid!) to start today journey to Harker Heights, TX to visit Cassie’s oldest sister and her husband before he leaves for Iraq on Wed.

Well the day started off at 5:55 instead of 5:15 like we intended.

We made the long 10.5 hr trip along I-35. Here are a couple of highlights from the trip.

Here’s a pic of Oklahoma City.

We also saw a group of 7-8 parachuters land on the east side of 35. Sorry for the photo. There really are parachutes there, they are just hard to see with the bug splatter on the window.

I then saw a huge military aircraft take off. I just like airplanes.

We also had to stop for some ice cream at a Braum’s. Cassie was excited about that. Or was it that it was 70 degrees outside?

We had some hamburgers off the grill tonight and right now I’m watching the Doobie Brothers perform for the Orange Bowl Halftime show. They sound good.

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