Wow, 5 days since my last post. Needless to say it was a busy, but productive week. So does that mean you can have busy, unproductive weeks?…

We started our series on Scandalous Grace last week and that brought on the busyness of the week. I had to make a bumper video on Tue and Wed. Then make frames for the foam core flats on Thurs, and then prepare for a rehearsal that night.

At 6p. on Thurs. Troy asked if I would like to sing “Holding Nothing Back,” the Tim Hughes song. Of course, I had to say “yes.” I love leading worship! So amongst the pile of things I had to get done, throw a pretty complicated song set with the keys and leading a song. Oh, and controlling the laptop for Sunday too! Wait, then coordinating volunteers to put up the flats for each service after the worship set, then hopping back on the Keys to “start” the special song that Jordan nailed.

I was definitely stretched on Sunday, and it worked! At least, I think it did 🙂

The services on Sunday each had their own unique feel. The 8:30 service felt like pulling teeth to get them engaged. It was delayed in starting because I had control of the click and I started it, but then, I stopped it cause I couldn’t hear it. Well Duh, Robinson, plugin your ears!!!! The band could hear it, just not me. I then had to count the repeats because the track went right into the next song click and sequence and one too many repeats would throw us off. Anyway, we didn’t have that happen again.

The 10a. started late too. But this time Troy’s rig was only outputting to one amp. After trouble-shooting that we just went with the one side. That service ended up having great energy.

The 11:30 had the #1 Troy moment! Troy was teaching the congregation “Holding Nothing Back,” when he got stuck on the “You gave everything …” He tongue-tied himself and the next 90 secs. was hysterical! One thought to another from “don’t drink and drive” to “I’m from Vegas.” But the way he handled it broke of the apprehension of the morning the service took on a very synergistic atmosphere and when we hit “Grace Like Rain” it was amazing!

We had a unique twist to the opening. Jason wrote an opener that the band played one min before (that was the tune I messed the click up on in the 1st service). The keyboard parts for the day were pretty intricate, which was fun. At the end of “Holding Nothing Back,” I intro’d “Hosanna” with the Rhodes… I love that thing! Then “Grace Like Rain” started with the pad. Thank Jason for throwing the keys some props this week. 🙂 “Hookers and Robbers”… don’t you love the fact that we sang a song entitled this in church?… started has a great key riff in it too.

It was a great day and the team was stretched and executed it in great form!

Here’s the set for the day.

Service Intro
You Are My God (Troy Kennedy)
Holding Nothing Back (Tim Hughes)
Hosanna (Passion)
Grace Like Rain (Todd Agnew)
Hookers and Robbers (Charlie Hall)

2 thoughts on “Weekend Review :: 10.05.08

  1. I know what you mean about the 8:30am service lacking energy and enthusiasm… Jeff and I felt it, but it could have been partially due to sound issues. We could barely hear vocals and the transitions felt off. It was distracting, but I pressed through all the tension and worshipped anyway.I wanted to yell out after Jordan did an awesome job on Hookers and Robbers, but I felt the crowd vibe was more quiet. He did so great!!

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