I almost let this week get away without writing my weekend review.

This was our last week in the series Covenants. Dan talked on making a covenant with the church. He made a good point: “a church worth attending is a church worth joining.” The entire message however, was not a sales pitch on joining Westside. Dan preached on being a part of the “C” Church. Dan preached toward communion and led the congregation into it about 20 min into his message. At that point we had a moment of reflection as Troy vamped on the Guitar, then we sang a reprise of “Hosanna” and a short form of “Here I am to Worship.” Dan then finished the message out. His action steps were mainly to the person that hasn’t made a commitment to the church, whether it be joining, attending, or getting involved.

The weekend did have it’s complications too. Although the rehearsals went great, there are some things you just cannot plan like a drummer getting sick. All morning our drummer was not feeling good and after the first service Jason (our Music Director) told him to go home and get better – it was that bad. So after playing drums for the Venue service, I played for the communion at the 1st service and then played out the rest of the morning, without rehearsing. Good thing I knew the songs well enough. I did forget to double the intro vamp on “Rise” at the end of the 1st service. By the end of the morning, I would say I had all the songs down. 🙂

The 5pm went great too. Alex Gingles played guitar and I was able to play the Rhodes. Man, that sounds awesome on “Hosanna.” We started it with the Rhodes, and all I can say is that thing melts me. It sounds so good!

The set list for Sunday was:

All Because Of Jesus (Radio Mix)
You Are My God
Hosanna (Album Version)


Hosanna (Album Version)
Here I Am To Worship (Our Love Is Loud Album Version)

Message Closing


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