As I write this, the fatigue from today is beginning to kick in, but as I think about the highlights of today, I become energized with excitement, which is good b/c I have to one more song to sing at the closing of this service (5:00pm).

We launched the new series called “Covenants” and today was on Parenting. Speaking of parenting, Kaysha (my sis) and my neice, Kylee, came up to see Cassie and I and we had a lot of fun together and celebrated Kaysha’s bday today at Cheesecake Factory.

With the focus on family, we had the house band do the 1st two songs then had the welcome, then the youth band finished up.

I led today and we opened with “Salvation’s Chorus” followed up with “Here is our King.” After the welcome, the youth band took the stage and did “Salvation is Here” and “Mighty to Save.” Coleman, the youth worship leader, did a great job. They also have a 14 year-old drummer that is scary good. He played “Salvation is Here” flawlessly all day.

Dan S. and John Huber (our Family Ministries Pastor) tag-teamed today’s message and they did a good job playing off of each other and making the message applicable and relevant. They took their Scripture from Deut. 6:1-9, “Impress them on your children.”

We had a family fun day with carnival like games outside free for all families. That was a cool thing. Wish I was a kid again.

Well I’ve got to run to sing “Rescue” for the close.

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