Many times we find ourselves juggling between managing a team and leading a team. Managers become task oriented while leaders are people oriented.

While we need to be people oriented leaders we cannot disregard our tasks. Leaders need to balance driving the task and driving the person.

Here are a couple of things to do to keep a balance in your leadership:

1) Evaluate the tasks and your teams competancy. Does your team find themselves challenged with the “to do’s” or are they just coasting? When your team is challenged, they grow. If they are performing meaningless tasks then be prepared for boredom.

2) Ask yourself, “Am I about getting the job done or developing your teams potential?”

A manger focuses only on getting the job done. Strong Leaders find ways to get the job done while developing the team.

3) Create tasks based on strengths. Managers react. Leaders create. Don’t always be in “reaction mode.” think ahead and develop your team to solve problems on their own.

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