In staff today, Dan Southerland shared a quick and effective leadership lesson with everyone that started with an activity.

He told us to do three things. Move toward the front, find someone you don’t know well and then, thirdly, share with them a highlight of your week.

After the 3 min commotion, he began to teach that leaders. I’ve broken down what he said and put my own spin on it:

  1. Leaders lead from the front. As a leader you are to be at the front. You cannot lead from behind. Leaders always find themselves at the front of the line, ahead of others, paving a way for others to follow. Leaders take the initiative.
  2. Leaders seek out followers and followers flock together. As a leader, you need to be looking for people who are wanting to be led. Leaders take the initiative to develop the relationship.
  3. Leaders share their lives. Leaders gain their influence by sharing their life with others. People follow because they believe in the person and not the position. When a leaders shares with others and becomes authentic then the value of that leader increases.

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