Rick Warren and Saddleback church are bringing the Christmas story to America. Here is what they are doing:

Both of their 4:30 PM and 6:30 PM CHRISTMAS SERVICES (from Saturday night) was recorded by the Fox News network to broadcast nationally on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. You could even watch Saddleback’s Christmas services on the Internet at www.saddleback.com.

Not only has Saddleback marketed their message to FOX news, the US Armed Forces Network will broadcast “The Purpose of Christmas” (last year’s Saddleback service) for all troops around the world to watch!

All Wal-Marts and Sam’s Club are broadcasting “The Meaning of Christmas” a message by Rick Warren, along with Christmas carols by the Salvation Army, on all their in-store TV screens. That right there is amazing. I might go to Walmart to see it.  That’s awesome!

Good Morning America is broadcasting our roundtable about “The Good News of Christmas” on Christmas Day.
Way to go Rick Warren. Keep fulfilling your purpose in your generation!

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