It’s New Years Eve and exhaustion has set in and we are now sick of fast food.  This is the 6th day of our kitchen remodel and needless to say, we are not pros. Duh, right?

Well last night we realized that we didn’t get enough tile, so we went back to Lowe’s (for the umpteenth time) to get the rest of the tile, which is weird because Cassie and I both knew how much we needed and we both overlooked the fact that we were two boxes short.
Oh well, we now had enough tile to start the day.  
The goal today was to set the tile, screw in the large countertop, get the sink in, and paint the cabinet doors.  2 out of 4 isn’t bad, right?
We were down to the final edging pieces of the tile when all of the sudden the thin-set vanished and was no more. So knowing that it’s NEW YEAR’S EVE and that everyone else is ringing in the new year with friends and nice parties, Cassie and I, covered in thin-set, scramble to see if we have any more. NOPE… none in the house, and Lowe’s and every other possible place closed 3 hours ago.
So we are delayed yet another day…. shocking, isn’t it?!?!
This is a pic of when the day started…

And this is how the day ended… see I told you we weren’t pros, so it would be in your best interest to not call us to remodel your kitchen.

We got the countertop secured and screwed in. Wohoo. A evening of work and we screwed in the countertop.
By the way, if it weren’t for my good friend, Jason Mahurin, who I now call “the Do it Yourself Hotline” we would 3 days further behind schedule.
We are not using the new cabinet for an ironing board, we needed it to glue the laminate trim to the edge of the countertop.
Nothing like ringing in the new year covered in thin-set.

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