Day 5 and we are still not even close to being finished, but we are a lot closer than when we started. However, to put a disclaimer on that, we haven’t taken off any days of work, so we only have worked on it for 3 evenings and one full day.

Today is Sunday and after going to bed last night around 12a. from working on this kitchen I (Kasey) had to be at Westside’s Overland Park Campus at 7a. to play drums. So, needless to say, I’m tired as I’m typing this at 12:02a. on Sun Night/Mon. Morning.

I have an awesome wife who gets in and works just as hard as anyone on these projects. You are awesome Cassie, and ILYMISIF via the weblog!

Today we cut the countertops and installed the small countertop. Well, I glued it, I still need to screw it in.

Now we start to see the progress.

It’s getting close. But wait, a snag. Oh, a huge snag. We only bought 6 boxes of tile, putting us at a total of 8, and we knew that we were going to need 9 or 10 total. We must have miscounted at the store.

Well, everything is on hold until tomorrow. Then we will finish the tile and let it cure and finish installing the countertops and get the sink in… It will be nice to hear the water run again.

Oh, I’ll even show you our cool inventing for the icemaker tubing from the floor! So stay tuned, and don’t turn that dial.

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