When I resigned from Crown Pointe, I was very uncertain about the future, and honestly scared. What I had set in my mind for the path my life would take was brought to a halt abruptly and redirected.

For the next couple of months I felt vulnerable as I was starting a job that I had little experience in… Marketing. I’ve worked at a church for 8 years so you can imagine the adjustment that had to be made.

My new direction brought new fears. Will I ever get back into ministry? How will that happen? How can I keep from falling into the everyday routine? How do I reposition myself to get involved in a church? What church do we go to?

These fears were new to me.

Over these last couple of weeks, as we have embraced our new chapter in life and began seeing our life take a new direction God has done some pretty great things in our lives.

Today, Cassie got a promotion to a new position at work. The other co-workers who will be doing the same job as her have degrees, and even though Cassie is in pursuit of hers, they still hired her. This was totally a God-send. They pursued Cassie.

Also, this week is my first week to play with the Westside Family Church band. After 4 months of not leading worship and sitting in a seat, God’s opened a door. I’m excited about learning from the leadership there and how they administrate a volunteer team as large as theirs is.

We’re excited about the new stories that we will have to tell. I don’t want to be contained by my fears, because if we don’t confront our fears, we will have no stories to tell.

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