Life is about learning. Leadership is about learning. If we are not continually acquiring new skills or sharpening current skills then we aim short of the possibilities that life could offer.

While life is about learning, I’m beginning to understand that life is also about unlearning. Unlearning the old and thinking of the new. Challenging the process to everything to find new insights and new methods. Scrapping routine to push our minds and bodies to the limit so we don’t maintain, but grow.

My mom has always said, “If you are not growing, you’re dying.” A simple, but powerful truth.

Physically, when we stop growing, our body begins the degenerating process. The moments we stop training our mental capabilities are the moments when we tap our potential.

And spiritually, if we are not growing we’re dying.

Life is about learning, and learning is about unlearning. Jesus was a huge campaign manager for the Unlearning candidate. Look at his Sermon on the Mount.

“You have heard that it was said”… “but I tell you.”

In his book “In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day,” Mark Batterson says this about unlearning:

“Half of spiritual growth is learning what we don’t know. The other half is unlearning what we do know. And it is the failure to unlearn irrational fears and misconceptions that keeps us from becoming who God wants us to be.”

What things do I need to delete from my mental hard drive, and upload a new way of thinking?

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