Church/Ministry Leader, It is the time to pray and prepare for tomorrow, today.

Here are 9 questions I am leading our staff in answering to maximize this season where ministry looks extremely different.

In the Kouzes and Posner best seller, The Leadership Challenge, one of the top 5 things a leader does is Challenge The Process.

These 9 questions will get you started in challenging your process so you can be the best prepared and most successful when society is able to step into what our new normal will be.

While it may be too soon to define know what the new normal is, this is the time to address these questions as best you can for the mission and vision you have.

1) What do we need to keep doing?

2) What do we need to do differently?

3) What do we need to start doing?

4) What do we need to stop doing?

5) What do we need to wait to do?

6) Who do I need by my side? (Who will be my #2/Apprentice?)

7) Who do I want on my bus? (Key leaders. We use the Move Your Bus book descriptions of runners, joggers, and walkers)

8) How do I equip my key leaders, other leaders, and those impacted by our leadership?

9) What resources do I need?

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