Tonight my wife and I celebrated her new promotion by dining at P.F. Chang’s on the Plaza. We love that place. We tried something new, their Lucky 8 dessert, it was good.

You see a lot of crazy things on the plaza. Our waiter had a fork for a bracelet, there was a magician that was wearing all orange with a good sized crowd around him. Occupying the air waves was a tenor sax musician that was playing can you feel the love tonight, however, she was torturing the song.

Adding to the atmosphere was a group of men singing off-key. Their choice of song: “It is Well.” As they sung, they held their signs in the air compelling everyone to “come to repentance.”

It is so frustrating when people like these exhibitionists even turn me off to Christianity. It makes me so mad when people give such a horrible example of Christ.

That’s the short soap box. Remember that love shouts louder.

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