I was at a coffee shop on the plaza this Saturday, since my MacBook Pro has not been wanting to turn on… oh and btw it turned on first thing while at the apple store. In fact it worked perfectly. I spent 45 min trying to get it to come on at home that morning and another 35 min on the phone with support with no luck. But as soon as I walk through the portal of the apple mecca, viola… perfect. Weird.

Okay, idea…

As I was at the coffee shop, the cup sleeve had some upcoming dates on it of some events going on at the plaza. It then struck me that a church could design a coffee cup sleeve for an upcoming event and have several thousand made and go to the different coffee shops and ask permission to save their costs and use your sleeves.

You could promote a holiday event, bridge outreach, message series… like Espresso Yourself by Ed Young, or a kids thing you have going on.

Do something creative with this!

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