“But David said: My friends, don’t be so greedy with what the Lord has given us! The Lord protected us and gave us victory over the people who attacked.”

1 Samuel 30:23 CEV

Many times we feel others don’t deserve reward because of what we have done to earn what we have earned.

The soon to be king, David, had just taken two thirds of his army to rescue the families of his small army of men. They were kidnapped by a raiding nation while David and his men were off to war with another king.

When they returned, those who went to fight didn’t want to give the third of men, who stayed home, any of the spoils because they were “too tired to fight.”

David immediately calls out their greed and recognizes what we all need to recognize. Everything we are and everything we have comes from God. We have earned nothing. We have only been given everything.

We are greedy when we think we can do what we want with what we have and do not recognize that it all comes from God.

We are greedy when we think we have earned what we have and don’t need to share it with others.

We are greedy when we are unwilling to share what God has given us.

Breakout of greed today and share something with someone.

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