“For by one sacrifice he has made perfect forever those who are being made holy.”‭‭Hebrews‬ ‭10:14‬ ‭NIV‬‬


Has made. 
Being made. 

Jesus has made me perfect forever. 

I stand before God in the perfect, righteous, credit that Jesus has given me by faith. 

I don’t aim for perfection. 

This should be the perfectionist’s verse. 

We don’t aim for perfection because we can’t achieve it. 

We will always fail. 

This is why every perfectionist is frustrated with everyone, including themselves. 

Perfectionism is a self-righteous deception. 

The perfectionist is deceived about their own ability to be perfect. 

They are deceived with other people’s capacity to be perfect. 

Reality is no one is perfect. 

No one is righteous. 

Except for Jesus. 

Jesus is perfect.

Jesus was perfect. 

Jesus lived this life tempted by satan himself and Jesus did not fall short of perfection. 

Every word was perfect. 

Every act was perfect. 

Every thought was perfect. 

Every attitude was perfect. 

He was perfect because He was God and only God is perfect. 

I am perfect because I believe in Jesus, I am forever perfect. 

I am being made holy today. 

I can’t earn my holiness. 

Just like I can’t achieve my perfection. 

I can only become more holy today than I was yesterday. 

I become more holy by becoming more like. 

I become more holy by becoming more like Jesus. 

Changing the way I think to be more like Jesus. 

Using scripture to change my thoughts about myself, and others. 

Changing my attitude to be more like Jesus. Seeing that Jesus’ attitude was as a servant ad not one who was served. 

Changing my words to be more like Jesus. 

Letting what I say bring life and encourage others instead of tearing them down and being discouraging. 

Changing my actions to be more like Jesus. 

Surrendering to Jesus’ way of humility and placing others ahead of myself. 

Not doing things that only please me but considering others as much as I live to please myself. 

Changing my habits to be more like Jesus.

It’s when my habits change that I know I have truly changed. 

Changing my character to be more like Jesus. 

It’s putting my fleshly, selfish, desires aside and letting Holy Spirit create the character of Jesus in me. 

I am made perfect. 

I am being made holy. 

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