Okay, that title sucked you in and now you are going to be disappointed because you are expecting something funny or inspiring. This might not be either.

I have loved starting a church that is targeting people who don’t have a churches or religious background much less a relationship with God.

In the conversations I have with people I get a lot of questions. All from different angles.

Yesterday, I met a man named Mark who says he is a deist not necessarily a theist and he gives haunted tours around South Africa. That was a fun conversation in the light bulb aisle at our local hardware store.

Another question I recently fielded was a guy at our gym who asked if I heard about Planet X that is allegedly the planet that came and made offspring with earth’s women who became the giants David killed. He asked if I read any of the tablets that talk about that.

I love the questions of people. Mainly because their question are an opportunity for me to point them to Jesus.

I recently was asked a question by a university student who comes every so often that was a fun one to answer, mainly because I new the answer. It was so elementary. It was so honest and the best part is he and his friends were waiting for me to message them back the answer.

What is the Difference Between the Old Testament and the New Testament?

Below was my answer. I hope it helps you if you have ever wondered yourself what the difference is between the two halves of the Bible.

Testament = Covenant

So Old Testament (OT) = Old Covenant
New Testament (NT) = New Covenant
The covenants are established on two similar but different premises.

Both covenants have this is common: a way to have a relationship with God. Both covenants have God’s promise that He will be with them if they keep the covenant. Both covenants also required a sacrifice.

The OT is based on the law that God gave the Israelites through Moses. These rules were to be followed to make up for the curse of sin mankind is under and all the wrongs (sins) mankind would knowingly commit against God and each other.

The law demands there be a sacrifice in order for forgiveness to be granted. If Israel obeys the law then God’s presence would remain with them.

The NT is the fulfillment of the OT in the person of Jesus. You will notice the NT starts with Jesus. Jesus lives a perfect life according to the OT law to become the one time sacrifice for all mankind.

Because Jesus lived the perfect life and died in place of us, He becomes the only sacrifice that is needed to remove the penalty of our sin. The NT is the explanation of how Jesus fulfills our human need to be made right with God.

This is what grace is. Grace is the NT message that Jesus came and earned us the right to have a relationship with God. It’s not by keeping the law like the OT says but only by believing Jesus died and rose again and has become our Savior from the penalty of our sin.

By trusting Jesus as the only one who makes us right with God, we are now under the New Covenant. Now that we have received the truth that Jesus is our Savior, his Spirit comes and lives in us.

So here is the breakdown

OT – People keep the law to be right with God
NT – People trust Jesus’ life, death, & resurrection as the only way to be right with God
OT – People constantly had to bring a sacrifice for the sins they commit against God.
NT – Jesus is the one-time sacrifice that makes all mankind right with God.
OT – God is with his people in a place when they follow His law
NT – God is in His people because they have believed Jesus is their Savior.

How do you answer this question?

I’d love to hear how you explain the difference between these two sections of history. Comment below to share with us.

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