When you live in a country where the average life expectancy is only 48 years old, your perspective changes.

  • You value your time with family.
  • You spend time on what matters most.
  • You work to live. You don’t live to work.
  • Material things don’t hold as much value because they might last longer than you do.

All these thoughts are flooding my mind after seeing this next to the checkout line at a PEP store (discount clothing).


We are here shopping for some clothes for kids in a family who weren’t going to have a meal much less gifts for Christmas.

But our neighbor, who works for Aurora Special Care, let us visit her work where the patients are disabled and range in ages from 2-60. We overheard she was cooking a meal for one of the families who wouldn’t eat on Christmas and Cassie piped up and asked if there is another family we could cook dinner for.

God gave His Son. Jesus, God’s Son, gave His life. They set the example for us to be givers not just during a season but as a way of life.

Who can you give to who doesn’t deserve it or has earned it? This is what Jesus did for me and you and it’s only our nature, in Christ, to give.

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