We got the keys to our new place today and will move in as soon as we have beds to sleep on.

We will by everything on consignment except for our beds, we are going to by a discounted, factory direct bed that will be here on Friday.

We will slowly add to our house once our house sells. We dropped the price again today to generate more traffic. I never thought the house would not have sold by now.












6 thoughts on “Our New Place

  1. God’s blessing’s!!! May the home be FILLED with His Glory and Favor!!!! And may He “fill” it with Spiritual blessings and with the physical needs/blessing’s!!!

  2. Congratulations Kasey and Cassie. I know that takes a huge load off your shoulders to know where you're going to live. Praying that every need will be met and no worries or concerns will come near you. Sure miss you guys and ourtwo precious grandchildren. Miss you Judah and Genesis!

  3. Praying for you all. Praying that your house sells here this week so that you can get the things you need to make things easier for all of you. Really miss seeing you guys

  4. Awesome! That's all I can say. It is a Beautiful Home for a Beautiful family.
    Stay in touch, guys and God Bless All Of You.

    Ben Heed
    507 South Second Street, Apt 3R
    New Bedford, MA. 02744
    508 961-7593

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