Here is an encouraging word as I look at the sun rise again:

We rest in this hope we’ve been given-the hope that we will live forever with our God-the hope that He proclaimed ages and ages ago (even before time began). And our God is no liar; He is not even capable of uttering lies. So we can be sure that it is in His exact right time that He released His word into the world-through the preaching that God our Savior has commanded into my care.

What an opportunity Sundays give us to declare the hope of God. I’m not saying that we don’t declare this hope Monday through Saturday, it’s just that Sundays give us a platform to do two things:

  • Remind us to rest in the hope God our Savior has given us.
  • Carry on the mission our God has entrusted to us.

Today, I get the privilege to teach at Westside and share this hope 4 times.

I’m excited and honored to do this again.

You can join us live at 8:30, 9:45, 11am, or 5pm.


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