has a live poll as to whether or not churches should close on Sunday.

A large majority of those taking the poll say that churches should have service on Sunday (91%).

At Westside Family Church, we have cancelled Christmas day services because we have 8 Christmas Eve services at our Lenexa Campus and 1 at our Speedway campus. We know that more people will come to Christmas Eve service, if they are invited, than any other time of the year.

We maximize this opportunity by creating services believers can invite their non-believer friends to. They know they can invite people so they can hear the Gospel of Jesus and have an opportunity to put their trust in him.

These efforts to hold this many services to allow people to hear the story of Jesus takes hundreds of volunteers to greet people, watch kids, clean the facility, park cars and not to forget run the service behind a camera or in a control room. If we were to ask these volunteers to come back on Sunday we wouldn’t be serving them or their families.

If we weren’t going to have a Christmas Eve service, we would have Christmas Day service.

Don’t forget you can join Westside for Christmas Eve online at

Times are:
FRIDAY 5:30 & 7p
SATURDAY 1, 2:30, 4, & 5:30p

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