What keeps you from praying? Is it a far out practice that is meant only for monks and priests? Is it something you can only do if you have a script? Do you just not have the time? Or do you not think it works?

We start a new series today at Westside called “Constant Contact.” Jesus teaches us prayer works but only when we ask. Paul also describes prayer as a continual lifestyle.

Today is about having the audacity to ask God. What are you holding back from asking God?

Each week, as people walk in we have signs asking them to come in respectfully and to use the time to pray. We have scriptures on the screen to encourage us to just ask God.

Jesus calls us to pray and because of him we have permission to come straight to the Father with our prayers.

You can catch it online live today at 9:45a, 11a, & 5p.

Watch it here


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